What pajamas are you suitable for? Just look at three points!

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With the coming of autumn, our pajamas are going to change seasons. Now everyone’s requirements for pajamas are gradually increasing, from the simplest hygiene and comfort to the change in style and color. There are many types of pajamas, different fabrics, different colors, and different styles. So how do we choose? In fact, just look at these three points.

What pajamas are you suitable for? Just look at three points!

Pajamas are worn personally. It is best to use full cotton or cotton fabrics because cotton has good sweat absorption and breathability, and does not cause itching and allergies on the skin. It is most suitable for young people, and for older people, it is better to wear cotton or quilted garments, because these garments are generally thicker and warmer.

What pajamas are you suitable for? Just look at three points!

In addition to cotton fabrics on the market, there are still some pajamas such as silk and knitted fabrics. Silk fabrics are helpful for the healthy growth of the skin, while knitted fabrics are more flexible. Silk fabrics are not suitable for daily pajamas. It is smooth, but the sweat absorption is not good, therefore, when choosing pajamas, we should pay attention to the first standard based on your physical feelings and it is best to choose the one that suits you.

In addition to the fabric, the style of the pajamas is equally important,be sure to choose a loose and comfortable style when buying pajamas, there is enough space in the front and back,do not choose tight or just fit the pajamas. Not conducive to the development of the body, there will be a kind of sullen feeling. It is extremely bad for your health.

What pajamas are you suitable for? Just look at three points!

Another important point is the color of the pajamas when choosing pajamas, you should avoid buying high-brightness colors such as red, this will give people a sense of excitement and is not conducive to rest at night,you can choose pink, pink blue, etc. this color will not give people a strong sense of excitement and help to sleep.

What pajamas are you suitable for? Just look at three points!

Grasp these three points accurately, choose the pajamas that suit you, give the body a comfortable and soft enjoyment, and it can promote sleep well and restore a good state. The following editors will choose a few pajamas suitable for autumn and see if you like them?

Cotton Long Sleeve Pajamas
A touch of pink, with a girlish look, a large heart-shaped decoration in front of it, it is cute and stylish, with a striped trousers for better warmth, soft and comfortable fabric, more snug behind the upper body, simple lines The image of the puppy is casual and playful.C

Long silk pajamas
This pajama breaks the rigid style of the original pajamas. The exquisite small lapel is added to the pajamas. It is very fashionable. The fabric used is high-quality silk, it is soft and smooth and there is a light sheen. It is warm and safe. It’s easy to go out.

Cotton Princess Pajamas
This pajamas is very cute, a touch of pink with a small bow, mixed with soft white lace, it is playful. The hot ruffles and lantern sleeves in recent years have been incorporated into the pajama style and the fashion sense is UP , although it is a two-piece suit, the loose version is not picky at all, whether it is home or sleeping, it is very easy.

Plus size cartoon pajamas
This set of pajamas is simple and generous. The design of the round neck collar is easy to put on and take off. The cute bear decoration is very cute for the little girls. It is decorated with age-decreasing letters. Although it is just pajamas, it is not fashionable at all yet.

Little white rabbit print pajamas
The light blue background with the little white rabbit as decoration is fresh and playful. Not only that, this set of pajamas has also added a new style of collar as a neckline, which neutralizes the cuteness of the entire set of pajamas and reveals a bit of light mature woman, there are large pockets on both sides of the front to free your hands where you can’t place. If you’re interested with one of onesies pajamas, and have intention to buy it, just go to wowpajamas to buy it.