Marvel redefines the captain of the surprise, and her future is still full of hope!

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Surprise captain costume cosplay

The surprise captain played by Brian Larson has always been a more controversial character in the Marvel movie universe. After all, the surprised captain in the comics was set as a reckless impulsive hero. She used to be the first in Civil War 2. Taking advantage of Iron Man with a group of superheroes to attack the tyrants, and then the Iron Man was seriously injured because of future differences, although this thing is behind the Hydra Captain America, this thing has led to very serious consequence.

Surprise captain costume cosplay

In contrast, Carol Danvers in the movie “The Captain of Surprise” is much better in terms of personality. I am here to tell you the reason. The surprise captain in the comic book suffered from an unfortunate childhood. There is serious “post-traumatic stress disorder”, just like the soldiers who have participated in the battle. The fierce battle has become their psychological shadow. Many people suffer from “PTSD” (post-traumatic stress disorder). Many of them can’t control their emotions, and the captain of the surprise is the same. In her childhood, his father was not alcoholic or domestic violence, and it was very bad for her, which made Carol always in anger.

Surprise captain costume cosplay

There is still a lot of controversy about the surprise captain’s film. A very standard line of works, a set of superhero stories, and a very strong feminist color. In fact, Marvel was too cautious in this movie. They wanted to design an epic masterpiece comparable to the Panthers, but the captain of the captain was too careful and clever.

But in the story of The Avengers 4: The Final Battle, Surprise Captain perfectly interprets what is called the most powerful superhero. Marvel redefines this role and makes her a leader in female superheroes. Characters, so there are many netizens who are guessing one thing. Will Marvel create a superhero team that is all female?

Surprise captain costume cosplay

In addition to the captain of the surprise, most of the characters in the movie have been weakened a lot. At least according to the settings in the comics, the physical quality of the card magic is comparable to that of the superhuman in front of the earth. The tyrant is the real monster. Level. However, the captain of the surprise is currently the strongest player in the Marvel movie universe. Except for the unstable blush witch, the already cool Odin, and Dammam, others are not theoretically the captains of the surprised captain. And the infinite gems have disappeared in this timeline, so the weapons that can defeat the captain of the surprise are really rare. But for the most powerful hero in the universe, there are many missing places in her story.

Family and family:

In the movie of Captain Amazing, the writer and the director did not seem to reveal Carol’s real life. He only told everyone that she was a pilot, and she became the captain of the surprise in that shock, and her talent in the body was also Supreme Wisdom and Jung Rogge saw it, and she became a member of the Cree team.

Surprise captain costume cosplay

The way that the highest wisdom controls the hearts of the people in the Kerry Empire is terrible. It will change into the way that the most important person in your heart looks like you, so that many people will subconsciously obey the leader of the highest wisdom, and will gradually be adopted by it. It’s completely controlled, but fans who have seen comics know that in fact, the highest wisdom is just a monster. He is a biological machine made by the Cree using high technology and biotechnology. It was born to lead the Cree to true glory.

But in the comics, the captain of the surprise not only has his own brother and childhood playmate, but her mother is not an ordinary person, but a defecting soldier of the Kerry Empire. Of course, she did not escape her fate in the end. In the comic book “The Surprise Captain’s Life,” Carol had no intention of inspiring her mother’s signal transmitter, and attracted the Avenger of the Kerry Empire, and was amazed by the battle. The captain lost his mother.

The Kerry Empire in the comics can be described as a real villain. After all, even the accuser Ronan died in the hands of their own people. Before he died, he replied with his lifelong enemy, the Black Bat King, and he understood himself. Really wrong, this country where he struggled for a lifetime is actually a real monster. They are always looking for more powerful fighters, more powerful weapons, but have caused countless tragedies throughout the universe.

So in the movie that Captain Surprise took over, she will become the leader in the universe, leading countless races against the Kerry Empire. The setting in the normal comics is the three alien empires, but the plot in the movie has proved that the Skuru empire has fallen apart under the attack of the Cree, so the Kerry empire should reach its most prosperous years ago. Period, but is Star Wars really suitable for the role of Captain?

Surprise Captain’s Love:

In the Marvel movie, the love of the captain may be lost. After all, in the comics, her boyfriend is a war machine. Of course, the feelings of the superhero are still chaotic, but the captain of the surprise may not have such a CP in the movie. Unless there is a new role, the forced group CP will only make the audience feel resentful. Some netizens think that the captain of the surprise will become the real leader in the fourth stage of the Marvel Universe. Her potential in the movie universe is even greater than that. The Panthers are more perfect. After all, the surprise captain’s next movie is probably a super battle in the universe.