Looking at the handsome, these superheroes don’t like their clothes.

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Many people watch superhero movies. When they appreciate the special effects of movies, they are more of a fulfillment of dreams. Many people have imagined that they have superpowers. After all, flying in the air is really cool. Superheroes always have a unique set of costumes. These costumes are also very powerful, such as Iron Man’s mech, Batman’s anti-superman armor, etc., but these powerful costumes are not so comfortable when shooting movies. The actors also hate these costumes and take Marvel as an example:

  1. Black Panther
Superhero costume

The Panthers have appeared in Marvel’s three films: “Beauty 3”, “Black Panther”, “Avengers: Infinite Wars”, and Panthers starring Chadwick Bosman in the movie “Captain America 3 During the shooting, he must always wear his black leather suit, and the temperature of the weather was about 35 degrees. At this temperature, we felt hot outside wearing short sleeves. Because the clothes are a whole set except for the head, it is very troublesome to take off and put on, so he can only be shackled in the suit during the break, which makes him breathless.

2, blush witch

Superhero costume

Those who know Marvel should know how powerful the blush witch is. The blush which actor Elizabeth Olsen believes that compared to the costumes of other superheroes, their own is too featureless, that is, a leather coat and a corset, but Elizabeth Olson should be glad that the Marvel movie version did not dress her up in the image of the manga.

3, Lingerie

Superhero costume

Olivia Munn’s Lindie is a soul figure in the X-Men, but she said that her clothes are super uncomfortable. During the filming, this dress has worn some of her embarrassing places, and finally she I had to apply oil to resist the damage that this dress caused to her.

4, Green Lantern

Superhero costume

Ryan Reynolds seems to be born to die, but before he played the dead waiter, he also played the Green Lantern, this movie has become a major failure of DC. As a superhero, a superfit for him is a must, but when shooting “Green Lantern”, the director made a very wrong decision, the Green Lantern’s costumes are all made by special effects, you see on the set. The Green Lantern is like this.

5, Iron Man

Superhero costume

Some time ago, the news that Iron Man’s 2 million RMB armor was stolen, the little Robert Downey’s Iron Man was too perfect. I heard that after NTU 4, Nini will leave Marvel, which is really sad. Nini’s Iron Man is really no substitute. In fact, Nini doesn’t really like him in the movie, because they are very heavy on the body, and when the mask is closed, you will feel the claustrophobia.