Black Panther Cosplay Costume Guide for Cosplayers

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In recent years, the geek universe has become fashionable; everyone now knows the science fiction classics or the inevitable Japanese animation. So today, we invite you to discover one of the favorite activities of pop-culture hardcore fans: cosplay. We will also share many tips and advice for a successful costume.

black panther costumes

What is cosplay?

The word “cosplay” in itself is very explicit and is a contraction of the words “costume” and “role-play”. Indeed, a cosplayer does not just wear a costume; he plays the role of his character, as an actor would plunge into a role in the cinema. And above all, do not you dare to use the term “disguise” in front of a cosplayer to qualify his work, he could misunderstand the amalgam between his passion and the candy hunt of October 31 .

black panther costumes

Cosplay is a fairly recent practice that dates back to the 90s and is widespread in pop culture circles. Indeed, a cosplay can represent a character of manga, film, video games, comics, in short, everything related to geeky circles. And this is not the mention “Japan expo” that will roll back the fans of Marvel or Doctor Who. And, conversely, Comic Con is not just for comic’s fans.

In short, cosplay is simply an activity that can affect everyone, and especially the aces of the sewing machine. We propose you therefore in the rest of this article to focus only on the choice and the realization of the cosplay in them. From Cossuits you get the best info now.

How to choose your cosplay?

We could simply answer you to choose your favorite character, but if you try a Superman cosplay while you are only five feet tall and lack muscle, it may be difficult to match your character perfectly.

  • So, first advice, if you are new, try to find a character that is a minimum to your appearance, knowing that the hairstyle can be changed very simply using wigs found very easily on the Internet. It is also possible to look like his character despite a corpulence or a different origin, but we will see later how to adapt your costume.
  • To help you think concretely about all the important steps of the creation of your costume, we will also offer you as an example one of the cosplays that we made. This is the second cosplay we made me: Harley Quinn. We chose it because it is a character that we particularly like, but we expected to encounter several problems throughout the creation process.
  • The first problem we had to deal with was the complexity of his well-known harlequin costume and especially the worries that it was going to cause me to wear it for several days in a row, but with regard to this last point we will talk about it later.
  • Fortunately, the universe of Batman is very extensive, and Harley Quinn has worn many alternative costumes, so we were saved.
black panther costumes

The Black Panther Cosplay With this alternative costume, straight from the trilogy of Avengers games on PS3, we dismissed many of the problems that we would have encountered with his original costume, while savoring in advance the idea of ​​playing this character we love so much. You can follow the Black Panther Costume Guide for Cosplayers there.